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Inlays for Interior + Exterior Stone Flooring

On this page you will find a vast inventory of interior and exterior stone floor medallions, borders and compass roses. All our custom stone inlays are crafted with artisan quality and craftsmanship.

Compare our stone floor medallions and stone border accents with other competitors and you will agree that our products are superior in every way. Stone medallions and stone border accents are excellent additions to interior foyers or exterior patios as a focal point in flooring design. Many combinations of colors are available from our palette of over 100 natural stones.

Please don’t hesitate to call us 877-GO-INLAY (464-6529) to talk to one of our friendly staff members.

Our selection of stone floor medallions are crafted with artisan quality.

  • Medallions
  • Corner Accents
  • Borders
  • Paver Medallions