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Inlays for Interior + Exterior Stone Flooring

On this page you will find a vast inventory of interior and exterior stone floor medallions, borders and compass roses. All our custom stone inlays are crafted with artisan quality and craftsmanship.

Compare our stone floor medallions and stone border accents with other competitors and you will agree that our products are superior in every way. Stone medallions and stone border accents are excellent additions to interior foyers or exterior patios as a focal point in flooring design. Many combinations of colors are available from our palette of over 100 natural stones.

Please don’t hesitate to call us 877-GO-INLAY (464-6529) to talk to one of our friendly staff members.

Our selection of stone floor medallions are crafted with artisan quality.

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SM-Dolphin Silhouette SM-Dolphin Silhouette
Our Price: $627.75
SM-Anchor SM-Anchor
Our Price: $627.75
SM-Marlin Silhouette SM-Marlin Silhouette
Our Price: $634.50
SM-Seahorse Silhouette SM-Seahorse Silhouette
Our Price: $634.50
SM-Sailboat SM-Sailboat
Our Price: $634.50
SM-BlueCrab SM-BlueCrab
Our Price: $702.00
SM-Fleur-de-Lis SM-Fleur-de-Lis
Our Price: $715.50
SM-Sunburst SM-Sunburst
Our Price: $722.25
SM-Paver Rose Bordered SM-Paver Rose Bordered
Our Price: $742.50
SM-Dolphin SM-Dolphin
Our Price: $756.00
SM-Shark SM-Shark
Our Price: $783.00
SM-Moonlit Whale SM-Moonlit Whale
Our Price: $783.00
SM-Scallop Shell SM-Scallop Shell
Our Price: $783.00
SM-Striped Bass SM-Striped Bass
Our Price: $783.00
SM-Tropical Parrot SM-Tropical Parrot
Our Price: $789.75
SM-Island Palms SM-Island Palms
Our Price: $810.00
SM-Seagull at Sunrise SM-Seagull at Sunrise
Our Price: $823.50
SM-Seagull at Sunset SM-Seagull at Sunset
Our Price: $823.50
SM-Botanic SM-Botanic
Our Price: $843.75
SM-Celtic Four Seasons SM-Celtic Four Seasons
Our Price: $843.75
SM-Lighthouse SM-Lighthouse
Our Price: $860.00
SM-Paver Rose Banded SM-Paver Rose Banded
Our Price: $877.50
SM-Flamingo At Sunset SM-Flamingo At Sunset
Our Price: $911.25
SM-Solstice SM-Solstice
Our Price: $978.75
SM-Renaissance SM-Renaissance
Our Price: $978.75
SM-Leaping Dolphin SM-Leaping Dolphin
Our Price: $999.00
SM-Leaping Marlin SM-Leaping Marlin
Our Price: $999.00
SM-Centuria SM-Centuria
Our Price: $1,012.50
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