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Present the perfect aesthetic with exotic woods from around the world!
At Inlay Product World, we offer:

Pre finished or Unfinished

There are advantages to both pre-finished and unfinished wood flooring. Pre-finished wood floors means perfectly applied coats of factory finish that can be installed one day and used the next; no sanding, no dust, no fumes. Although unfinished wood flooring allows you to completely customize your project with a stain to go with your chosen color palette.

Solid Wood or Engineered

Engineered wood can be a great budget choice but there is something to be said about the warmth that solid ¾” planks can bring to a room.

Wide Widths or Planks

Thin planks can bring an exciting variation to your flooring with the abundance of lines that run across your room but if you would like your large room feel proportional wide planks fill the order.

Domestic or Exotic

Domestic woods provide a traditional and warm appearance with timeless grains and coloring while exotic woods can bring vivid coloring and remarkable grain patterns.

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Solid Wood Floor Profile
Engineered Wood Floor Profile

Hardwood & Engineered | Exotic & Domestic Wood Flooring

Inlay Product World offers a variety of hardwood flooring options that include domestic or exotic, pre-finished or unfinished and engineered or solid wood flooring. With so many options available we encourage you to call our friendly staff at 877-GO-INLAY (464-6529) so that we may be able to help determine what flooring will go best with your inlay.

Wide Plank Character Oak(ID: FL-WP_CharOak)
Wide Plank Character Oak

Plank Oak Select & Better Grade(ID: FL-PlnkOak_Select)
Plank Oak Select Wood Floor

Wide Plank Character Walnut(ID: FL-WP_CharWalnut)
Wide Plank Character Walnut Wood Floor

Wide Plank AntiqueOak (ID: FL-WP_AntqOak)
Wide Plank Antique Oak Wood Floor

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Notice and Disclaimer: Wood Flooring is produced by Mother Nature; it is a natural product with wonderful variations in grain and color. This is why most of us seek wood flooring. Consistency in grain and color applies to man-made products only.

Upon receiving delivery of product(s), please insure the count is proper and that there is no damage to the shipment as your signature represents acceptance. Installation of the wood also represents acceptance of the flooring so that no returns are possible.

Inlay Product World is not responsible for your measurements on the square footage required. We rely on our clients to take proper measurements but we are happy to explain how to do that, if needed.