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1. Lightly tape the face with non-gummy masking tape.

2. Using fine sandpaper CAREFULLY sand the veneer tape on the back so that it still holds the marquetry in place but is smooth in preparation for clamping

3. Use yellow or white glue that is not too thick so it permeates the veneer tape and moves into the wood . Using a glue that is too viscous may result in non penetration of the medallion wood and bubbles or lifting may occur.

4. If you wish to stain the surrounding area, seal the marquetry on the face and edges with a clear sealer that can later be sanded.

5. To router out the cavity for the marquetry: Using the marquetry for a template trace around the edge with a sharp pencil.
· With an Xacto knife (a utility knife is too thick) carefully cut on the line to a depth of approximately 1/16”
· With a router, making sure that you support the router as the circle gets larger so the base does not drop into the cavity, rout out the circle to about 1/8” from the cut line
· With a sharp chisel, remove the remaining area up to the cut line. This should result in a clean line which matches the marquetry

* For better results, use this alternative method:
Using masking tape, tape the good side so the piece will not fall apart. Then sand all the veneer tape from the back and install it with the raw side down. After the glue dries, remove the masking tape and lightly sand.