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Solid Color Inlay Strips

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High quality, affordable wood, stone & vinyl inlay for furniture, flooring & decks.


Our mission is customer satisfaction and quality design and service. We have real and knowledgeable people ready to discuss your needs. We want you to be more than satisfied with the products you purchase from us~ and pleased with the process as well!


Established in the Philadelphia area since 1998, Inlay Product World, Inc. was created to allow general access to the very specific world of inlay and marquetry.

In addition to our over 1000 product catalog selections, we also provide customization requests! We create and manufacture hundreds of different designs of inlay and marquetry including hardwood floor inlays and stone marquetry and keep them in perpetual inventory. Our hardwood floor inlay and stone marquetry factories are located in the US and Europe.

Your most complete source for wood, stone, & deck inlays and marquetry~ and know introducing metal to our design line!


As the years went by, more and more sophisticated methods of creating marquetry were developed by craftsman in Europe, particularly Italy, Spain and France. Despite modernization of equipment, marquetry and inlay creation was very time consuming and therefore expensive. As a result, only mass production was able to keep the cost of producing these works of art to a reasonable level. But the quantities involved resulted in only furniture factories able to place orders.

We still need to make inlay and marquetry in large quantities but we sell them in smaller quantities so our customers can have access to them. A very large part of our business is still making custom inlays and marquetry in large quantities for our factory customers.

A natural outgrowth of our furniture-related business was the creation of our flooring division.  Our wood flooring products are made primarily by small factories in Europe and brought to the US. Our medallions are made of the highest quality woods and backed on the finest substrates. We don't cut corners.

Our stone flooring products are made here in the United States using a complex computer-controlled water jet cutting process. However, that is just the beginning. We use the finest materials to bind together the borders and medallions to make a product that will be long lasting and beautiful. This process enables us to make one piece medallions that appear seamless to the observer. Our shipping process makes sure that the medallions are shipped safely to your job site.

Our watchword is customer satisfaction and quality service. We have real, and knowledgeable people ready to discuss your needs. We want you to be more than satisfied with the products you purchase from us and pleased with the process as well.

Please call us toll free at (877)464-6529 at any time with any questions or comments.

Thanks for your interest in our products!

Kathy Andersen, President