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1) Prepare your surface as needed.

2) If your piece has ve­neer tape on one side, that is the side that faces up. The raw side is glued down.

3) Use a water-based wood glue (like Titebond III®) that will dry water resistant. NEVER USE CONTACT CEMENT.

4) Spread a light layer of glue on your surface; do not over glue where the glue seeps up the sides of your piece.

5) Place wax paper on top of your piece and cover with a flat surface like plywood. Place a weight on top. DO NOT CLAMP.

6) When dry (minimum 24 hours), lightly dampen with cloth or sponge a section at a time. DO NOT SOAK. Scrape the veneer tape back with a Carpenter’s square razor. Never use a palm sander or power tools.

7) Be patient. Scrape all of the paper tape off with this method and allow to dry.

8) When your piece is completely dry, use a fine grit sand paper (320) and sand to your satisfaction. Please be careful not to sand through your marquetry.

9) You are now ready for your final finish.

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