The following are some of our favorite client photo submissions using our quality product line for their flooring, furniture and inlay projects including wood, deck and stone medallions, marquetry and inlay strips:

Fleur de Lis border Fleur de Lis border
GDI-56 | Fleur de Lis border

Twincrest Border

Twincrest Border

Celtic Trinity Medallion 6ft

Benvenito Medallion - 6 ft

Custom Medallion for Chub Cay Resort in the Bahamas

Longport Medallion

Vinyl Deck Medallion

Stone Paver medallion

Star Medallion

Medallion used as table top

Our exclusive Word Star Medallion

Vinyl Deck Medallion

Custom Medallion

Design Gallery 53
GDI-54 | Custom compass rose inlaid in organic-cut granite pattern.

Design Gallery 54
GDI-53 | World-map compass rose inlaid in wood floor.

Design Gallery 04
GDI-04 | Custom wood medallion: "Horses"

Design Gallery 05
GDI-05 | Custom designed wood medallion.

Design Gallery 06
GDI-06 | Wood border with complimenting compass rose medallion.

Design Gallery 07
GDI-07 | Thematic wood border with compass rose corner accents.

Design Gallery 08Design Gallery 09
GDI-08 | Custom wood inlay design | GDI-09

Design Gallery 10
GDI-10 | Ceiling cupola & foyer of atrium.

Design Gallery 11Design Gallery 16

GDI-11 | Wood medallions at entry foyer. | GDI-16

Design Gallery 12
GDI-12 | Marble medallion set in glass tiles and wood border/ flooring.

Design Gallery 13
GDI-13 | Custom medallion built to suit.

Design Gallery 14
GDI-14 | Custom table top.

Design Gallery 15
GDI-15 | Wood border trim at fireplace.

Design Gallery 17
GDI-17 | Custom marble medallion and border surround set .

Design Gallery 18Design Gallery 47

GDI-18 | Thematic Medallions | GDI-47 "Shefferly Buck"

Design Gallery 19Design Gallery 26
GDI-19 | Renaissance-style floor medallions | GDI-26

Design Gallery 20
GDI-20 | Three mini medallion designs at stair landing.

Design Gallery 21Design Gallery 22
GDI-21 | Captain's Harbor compass rose with black walnut triangles and angled oak strips at surround. | GDI-22

Design Gallery 23
GDI-23 | Custom table top.

Design Gallery 24Design Gallery 48
GDI-24 | Custom panel from medallion and border combination.

Design Gallery 25
GDI-25 | Stair riser detailing from stone inlay.

Design Gallery 27Design Gallery 28
GDI-27 | Interior stone marble medallion. | GDI-28

Design Gallery 29Design Gallery 30
GDI-29 | GDI-30

Design Gallery 31Design Gallery 32
GDI-31 | Renaissance style wood medallions | GDI-32

Design Gallery 33
GDI-33 | Compass rose medallion.

Design Gallery 34
Design Gallery 35
GDI-34 | Dining room floor design studies presented to DIY Network "I Hate My Kitchen" Episode DHMK-413H

Design Gallery 36
Design Gallery 37
GDI-36 | Custom bathroom; floor to ceiling stone inlay design

Design Gallery 38Design Gallery 39
GDI-38 | GDI-39

Design Gallery 40Design Gallery 41
GDI-40 | GDI-41

Design Gallery 46
GDI-46 | Thematic "Maple Leaf" border

Design Gallery 49
"Pinwheel" wood medallion | GDI-49

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