Wood Flooring Inlay

High Quality Hardwood Inlays & Accents

INLAY PRODUCT WORLD is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality wood floor medallions, parquet, panels, borders, and corners accents.


    Eminently affordable but without compromising in detail,
    these wood floor medallions are an important and
    expanding addition to our collection!

    Corner accents add the finishing detail to floors and wood projects.
    Most have coordinating borders to match.

    The following floor borders can be ordered for your rooms
    and renovation projects.

    Our designs are the combinations of medallion, marquetry,
    border, and/ or corners to create an exquisitely crafted panel
    for your wood flooring and projects.
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QUALITY: Upon inspection of the custom hardwood floor medallions our customers have been impressed with the close fit of the design and the minimum use of filler. This is an extremely difficult task accomplished by our artisans who take real pride in their workmanship. Our flooring wood inlays are:

  • Made of exotic and regional, high-grade hardwoods such as walnut, mahogany, oak, maple, sapele, cherry, wenge, avodire, oak and many other hardwood species.
  • Bonded to a cabinet-grade plywood substrate, giving each piece a stable base to match your floors and allows decorative hardwood medallions, hardwood corner accents or hardwood border inlays to be lifelong objects.
  • A focal point and rich alternative to an otherwise plain floor.

Return Policy:
If your Medallion is damaged contact us immediately for return instruction.
For non-damaged medallions, returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge.
Custom Medallions are not returnable.

Please call us at 877-GO-INLAY (464-6529) for assistance.