If you know about marquetry, you know just how difficult it is to find marquetry pictures as veneer faces ready to be applied to furniture projects.

We have gone to great time and expense to develop a series of art work pictures of various sizes which canbe readily integrated into wood working projects such as table tops, armoires, cabinet faces, boxes and other projects. Our marquetry is used by manufacturers to build these and other items such as skateboards, snowboards, game boards, kayaks, yachts, aircraft tables and other items of wood.

We are proud to present the following selection of ready-to-be-applied marquetry faces, including a variety of representational art such as animals, flowers, architecture and other designs. Many of our faces are backed with a thin sheet of plywood making them particularly easy to apply.

NOTE: Most of our large and small marquetry can be sent out the same day we receive your order.

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MQ-C105 MQ-C105
Our Price: $5.13
MQ-C112 MQ-C112
Our Price: $5.13
MQF-Deer MQF-Deer
Our Price: $12.98
Sale Price: $5.95
Savings: $7.03

MQF-RedRose/S MQF-RedRose/S
Our Price: $10.95

MQF-RedRose-W MQF-RedRose-W
Our Price: $10.95

MQ-391 MQ-391
Our Price: $11.11
MQF-Yellow Rose MQF-Yellow Rose
Our Price: $11.75

Our Price: $12.35
Our Price: $12.35
MQ-392NB MQ-392NB
Our Price: $16.17
Sale Price: $12.75
Savings: $3.42
MQF-Cardinal MQF-Cardinal
Our Price: $12.98

MQ-376M MQ-376M
Our Price: $16.54
MQ-392 MQ-392
Our Price: $17.62
MQ-332M-B MQ-332M-B
Our Price: $17.92

MQF-Bluejay MQF-Bluejay
Our Price: $17.95

MQ-C5735 MQ-C5735
Our Price: $18.50

MQ-330M-B MQ-330M-B
Our Price: $19.49

MQF-Duck MQF-Duck
Our Price: $19.75
MQF-Marlin-W MQF-Marlin-W
Our Price: $20.00

Oval Fan-12-1 Oval Fan-12-1
Our Price: $20.74
MQ-S16-1 | Shell MQ-S16-1 | Shell
Our Price: $21.35
MQ-A1 Star MQ-A1 Star
Our Price: $22.25
MQ-378M MQ-378M
Our Price: $22.85

MQF-Hummingbird MQF-Hummingbird
Our Price: $22.87

MQ-318M-S MQ-318M-S
Our Price: $23.54

MQ-321M-B MQ-321M-B
Our Price: $24.75

MQ-AM006 MQ-AM006
Our Price: $24.85

MQ-VD-Diamond MQ-VD-Diamond
Our Price: $26.48

MQF-Butterfly MQF-Butterfly
Our Price: $27.85

MQ-ANCH-01 | Anchor MQ-ANCH-01 | Anchor
Our Price: $28.50

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