Furniture building is a craft that can involve a lot of unique detailing!
From game boards and jewelry boxes to cabinetry furniture, counter edges, hand/chair rails, or a variety of crown and other styles of molding, here are some great ideas of what our customers are creating!

*To purchase inlay strip banding, marquetry, and compass rose veneers, please visit our catalog of Furniture Inlay products.

Hourglass Connection- Sample 01Hourglass Connection 02Hourglass Connection 03
The Hourglass Connection
by David Hood @ www.Hourglasses.com

Hourglass Connection- Sample 01Hourglass Connection 02Hourglass Connection 03
The Hourglass Connection
by David Hood @ www.Hourglasses.com

Customer Sample 02
Customized Dining Room Table
Made with IPW, Inc. banding strips by Stephen Julian
Customer Sample 03
Marquetry inlay on guitar
by Hufschmi Guitars @/www.hufschmidguitars.com/
Customer Sample 40-1Customer Sample 40-3

Customer Sample 40-2
Custom Craviotto Drums

Display Case using IS-M841 inlay strip
by Hatchett Creek Cases

Customer Sample 04Customer Sample 05

Custom Picture Frames
Details using inlay strips by Robert Maciolek
Customer Sample 04-1Customer Sample 04-2Customer Sample 04-3
Custom Frames
Customer Sample 12
Fife and Drum
by Cooperman @/www.cooperman.com/
Customer Sample 13Customer Sample 14

Customer Sample 15Customer Sample 16

Treasure Boxes
by Onora Island @/www.onoraisland.com/
Customer Sample 09Customer Sample 07
Customer Sample 06Customer Sample 08

Lights Craft
Stained glass lamps + Window Sills by Al Read

Customer Sample 11Customer Sample 11
Custom furniture design using compass rose marquetry
by Arrigoni Design @/www.arrigonidesign.com/
Customer Sample 19Customer Sample 20
Custom table top design using complex and solid color inlay strips
by Bear Anderson

Customer Sample 21

Customer Sample 22
Outdoor nautical furniture using marquetry compass and complex inlay banding
by Seastrike Marine Products, FL
Customer Sample 22

Customer Sample 22
Outdoor furniture.
Custom detailing using marquetry compass rose and complex inlay banding.
Customer Sample 23Customer Sample 24
Custom table top design made with 18" floor medallion(s)
by Pallas Design Group | Ph: (214) 741-1125

Customer Sample 25
Turkish table top made of stone inlay
by John DeLapa
Customer Sample 26
Fine trunk and stable accessories
by Oakcroft @/www.oakcroft.com/
Customer Sample 43
Coin collector box
Fine woodwork design using thematic eagle marquetry inlay.

Customer Sample 45
Jewelry Box
Fine woodwork design using inlay marquetry #MQ-302M
Customer Sample 27
Customer Sample 28Customer Sample 29
Turkey Call instruments
by Lone Feather Calls | Ph: (413)528-9624

Customer Sample 32
Customer Sample 30Customer Sample 31
Jewelry box containers using complex inlay strips.
by Visions in Wood @/artisans@visionsinwood.com/

Customer Sample 39-1Customer Sample 33

Customer Sample 39-2

by Patrick Ward

Oceanside Woodworking


Customer Sample 33
Specialty tables
by Magical Enterprise @/jezacharys@msn.com/

Customer Sample 34Customer Sample 37
Renaissance style inlay paneling
LEFT: © Stan Flint (Wellsboro, PA)
RIGHT: © Marvin Wirkus (Westminster, CO
Customer Sample 35
Turkey call instrument with complex inlay strips
by Rick Powell @/blueridgecalls@aol.com/

Customer Sample 36
Fine woodcrafting
by Knotty Knights Fine Woodcrafters (Monroe, WA)

Customer Sample 38
Fine woodcrafting
Custom marquetry panel.

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