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Inlay Product World offers an extensive selection of hardwood flooring products from
all over the world.

Consider the broad hardwood range of naturally occurring red, yellow, white, black, purple and pink woods from Africa, Asia, South America and the United States. Then, to many rich color options, add the different grain and texture possibilities such as quarter sawn (straight), flat, lace, curly, and burls to complete the picture and present the perfect aesthetic.


Rift and Quartered Red Oak
(ID: FL-Rift_Qtr_RdOak)

Rift and Quartered White Oak
(ID: FL-Rift_Qtr_Wht_Oak)
Rift and Quartered Red Oak Wood Flooring

Rift and Quarter White Oak Wood Flooring

Plank Oak Select
(ID: FL-PlnkOak_Select)

Wide Plank Antique Oak
(ID: FL-WP_Antq_Oak)
Plank Walnut Wood Flooring
Wide Plank Antique Oak

Wide Plank Character Oak
(ID: FL-WP_CharOak)

Wide Plank Character Walnut Wood Flooring
(ID: FL-WP_CharWalnut)
Wide Plank Charcoal Oak Wood Flooring
Wide Plank Character Walnut Wood Flooring

Wide Plank Circular Saw Eastern White Pine
(ID: FL-Circsaw_E_Wht_Pine)

Distressed Burogendy Cherry
(ID: FL-Dis_Burogendy_Ch)
Circle Saw White Pine Wood Flooring

Distressed Burogendy Cherry Wood Flooring
Acadia Natural Studio
(ID: FL-Acac_Nat_Stud)

Amazonian Hardwood Mahogony- V.1

(ID: FL-Amz_Hd_Mhgny1)
Acadia Natural Studio
Amazonian Hardwood Mahogony

Amazonian Hardwood Mahogony- V.2
(ID: FL-Amz_Hd_Mhgny2)

Amazonian Santos Mahogony
(ID: FL-Amz_Santos_Mhgny)
Amazonian Hardwood Mahogony II
Amazonian Santos Mahogony | Wood Floor

Amazonian Tigerwood
(ID: FL-Amz_Tgrwd)

Antique Maple 'Redondo'
(ID: FL-Antq_Mpl_Redondo)
Amazonian Tigerwood

Antique Maple Redondo Wood Floor

Antique Oak 'Coco Mountain'
(ID: FL-Antq_Oak_Coco)

Brazilian Walnut
(ID: FL-Braz_Walnt)
Antique Oak 'Coco Mountain' Wood Flooring

Brazilian Walnut Wood Flooring

Paraguian Lapacho
(ID: FL-Pargn_Lapacho)

Amazonian Chestnut
(ID: FL-Amz_Chsnt)
Paraguian Lapacho Wood Flooring

Rift and Quartered Red Oak Wood Flooring

Hand-Scraped Birch Copper City
(ID: FL-HS_Bir_CopCty)

Hand-Scraped Oak Canyon Creek
(ID: FL-HS_Oak_CanCrk)
Hand-Scaped Birch Copper City Wood Flooring

Hand-Scraped Oak Canyon Creek

Parquet flooring tiles creates a beautiful pattern to your wood floor. Each modular parquet tile is installed together to contribute to a greater, concerted pattern that stretches across the entire floor.

Common Parquet Tile Sizes: 9"x9”, 12”x12”, 19”x19”

Select from the following 5 most popular 'Traditional Series' Parquet Collection:
[*To visit our 'Designer Series' Parquet Flooring Collection, CLICK HERE ]
'Bordeaux' Parquet
(ID: FL-bordeaux_pq)
'Bordeaux' Parquet Flooring
'Cantebury' Parquet
(ID: FL-cantebury-pq)
'Cantebury' Parquet Flooring
'Dorsey' Parquet
(ID: FL-dorsey_pq)
'Dorsey' Parquet Flooring
'Louvre' Parquet
(ID: FL-louvre_pq)
'Louvre' Parquet Flooring
'Madison' Parquet
(ID: FL-madison_pq)
'Madison' Parquet Flooring
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Notice and Disclaimer: Wood Flooring is produced by Mother Nature; it is a natural product with wonderful variations in grain and color. This is why most of us seek wood flooring. Consistency in grain and color applies to man-made products only.

Upon receiving delivery of product(s), please insure the count is proper and that there is no damage to the shipment as your signature represents acceptance. Installation of the wood also represents acceptance of the flooring so that no returns are possible.

Inlay Product World is not responsible for your measurements on the square footage required. We rely on our clients to take proper measurements but we are happy to explain how to do that, if needed.