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Cutting a few pieces of inlay is easy with a razor knife, such as an Exacto Knife or a scalpel. However when you have a larger quantity to cut or miter, you can use a special low cost tool such as a paper cutter. Another tool that can be used is an inlay cutting tool. These are inexpensive time savers that are useful when cutting inlay for cabinets or other repetitive jobs where accuracy is important.

MARQUETRY | Repairing marquetry requires a different sort of approach. Sometimes in older marquetry pictures, pieces can be found missing. The approach here would be to:
1) first, find a piece of veneer that has the color you want.
2) Then carefully trace the area to be replaced.
3) Adhere the tracing to the replacement veneer, and using a razor knife, carefully cut the replacement veneer by placing the shaft of the knife outward at a small angle.
4) Test the fit making small adjustments if necessary and then glue the back and outer edges of the replacement piece with white or aliphatic resin (yellow) glue.
5) Tap the piece in place and then tape to hold in place. The glue will expand the repair and should fill any gaps. When cutting the replacement piece, pay attention to the direction of the grain. It is harder to cut across the grain than with it. However it is also possible to break off a piece while cutting with or against the grain. You can use a stabbing action with the knife point to help in cutting as well as backing the veneer with some veneer tape. The paper design which adheres to the wood is also helpful in holding the replacement piece together. This also helps hold small pieces. For more tips on marquetry tool techniques, check out this video at:
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