Natural Stone Floor Medallions & Inlays

Employing precise cutting techniques possible through the use of water jet lasers, our extensive line of natural stone inlay medallions make a dramatic statement when incorporated into any high quality flooring motif. Choices range in size selections from 24-inches to 72-inches and in styles from simple and subdued, such as the SM-Mare, to the extraordinarily elaborate, as with the SM-Circo. We offer hundreds of individual options of size, shape, color and design. Stone inlay is our specialty, whether it's natural stone medallions cut from granite, marble or travertine, featuring geometrics, a compass rose or your personally created custom design stone medallions, we at Inlay Product World can deliver.

Stone floor medallion production is an art in which Inlay Product World is unequaled. Our process leaves no joint lines and units arrive ready for easy installation with no grout required. These medallions are simply magnificent.

  • Most stone floor medallions designs come in 4-5 standard sizes, ranging from 24" to 72".
  • Custom designs, sizes and materials can be accommodated.
  • Medallions 36" and smaller are 3/8" thick. Larger ones are made 3/4" for the enhanced structural integrity needed for shipping.

CLICK HERE to view stone swatches.

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